The WOZA panic button Smartphone app, with "on-demand" emergency response Home Safety & Security

R35 - R50
Aug 2, 2019

This is a smartphone app that you can download from the App Store on your phone (Google or Apple stores).

Prefer to use older phones? We have a service for those too – see below.

  • implemented and endorsed by the Emmarentia Residents Association in Emmarentia, Johannesburg.
  • recognises that residents may have their own security companies protecting them at home – but who protects them, and their families, when they’re not at home?
  • the shake-to-activate feature makes the app quick & easy to activate; just give your phone a firm shake to trigger a panic alert.
  • There is no more effective way to get help from competent and professional security service providers to exactly where you are (UBER  drivers use this nationl security network; so can you!) – and the phone becomes your personal ‘Tracker” for as long as the app is on after you trigger a panic.


Single subscription in the household: R50 per month, per device.

2-Person households: R40 per month, per device.

3+ subscriptions in the family (including extended family): R35 per month, per device. All prices include VAT.

Just DOWNLOAD the app from the app store on your phone and we will make contact with you to arrange your subscription.


If you don’t like to use smartphones, but still want a “panic button” on your phone, email us. At a cost of just R15 per month, your old phone becomes your panic button.

By saving an emergency number in your old phone, and assigning it to the number 5 as speed-dial, pressing 5 when you’re in an emergency will result in:

  1. Your automatically speed-dial the emergency number, you hear a confirmation recording;
  2. the system automatically sends up to 5 sms messages to people YOU decide you want to alert in a crisis, alerting them to the fact that you need help (could be neighbours, assistance personnel close by).
  3. At the same tie, the system automatically routes the panic call to a number that YOU decide you want to call in an emergency (could be Security at the complex, the resident Nurse, a security company or a neighbour!). You then SPEAK to the person you have chosen.

So by just  pressing the number 5 on that old phone, you SPEAK to someone you’ve chosen to speak to in a crisis, and up to 5 people receive sms ALERTS telling them you’re in need.

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