SureFit™ Food Guard Kitchen

R136 - R152
Sep 6, 2018

SureFit™ Food Guard

Attractive enough for any table.

  • The inconspicuous design of the SureFit™ Food Guard makes it ideal for home use or when dining out.
  • Clear polycarbonate plastic is strong and functional, yet attractive.
  • A snug fit means that the guard stays on the plate securely when food is scooped up against it.
  • Tapered ends prevent interference with utensils.
  • The grooved edge simply slides onto the plate, forming a gapless fit.
  • Can be attached quickly, even by clients with the use of just one hand.
  • Guards nest together for compact storage.
  • Top rack, household dishwasher safe.
  • Fits plates with a diameter of 21 to 25cm.
  • Guard height measures 4.4cm.


Product Code: NC35244


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