Pressure relieving mattress surfaces Mattresses

R2550 - R60000
Feb 28, 2019

Alternating Pressure

Our portfolio of Active Therapy surfaces, provide pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of tissue breakdown whilst improving clinical outcomes, supporting patient safety and comfort, and reducing unnecessary cost and discomfort.

Our solutions have improved standards of care around the world by addressing patient needs. The continuum of our wound care support surfaces, overlays, therapeutic beds and mattress replacement systems help carers meet their wound healing goals while helping to manage the complications and expenses associated with pressure injury.

Innovative solutions and support surfaces help to manage the care of the resident and provide dignified and safe patient handling.

Very important when choosing a surface, please always ask us for the CLINICAL EVIDENCE that supports the surface that we provide.  All mattress surfaces may look the same but the effect on the skin is always different.

Lastly, please contact us for flexible costing options.  These surfaces are available on a rental or outright purchase offer.


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