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Oct 13, 2017

Positioning Pressure Aids

Positioning Pressure Aids.   Invacare Positioning pressure aids are technical posture aids to help prevent or treat a bedsore or to correct or prevent faulty posture. Made from various high quality materials and covered with a Dartex cover, this product line permits positioning all types of patients according to their sensitivity and risk for bedsores. It is recommended to alternate postures every 2/3 hours in order to avoid prolonged areas of pressure.

MicroBalls Positioning Cushions:

  • Invacare Universal Cushion Microballs PC100B  –  Size: Length: 600 x Width 500 x Height 150 mm
  • Invacare Universal Wedge Microballs PC1501B – Size: Length 400 x Width 250 x Height 80 mm
  • Invacare Buoy with Velcro Microballs PC200B – Size: Lengh 470 x Width 380 x Ø 140mm
  • Invacare Trapeze  Positioning Microballs PC700B – Size: Length 500 x Width 130 x Height 250 mm

Visco Elastic Memory Foam Positioning Cushions:

  • Invacare Decubitus Viscolastic Foam Size: 300 x 1600 mm – PC300
  • Invacare Half-moon Viscolastic Foam Size: 200 x 2000 mm – PC400
  • Invacare® Demi-Décubitus Viscolastic Foam Size: 300 x 900 mm -PC600

Pressure Reducing Heelpad:  HP100

The Invacare Softform Heelpad is designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area. The controlled volume of gel in the sacs allows pressure displacement and even weight distribution. Pressure on a patient’s heels are kept to a minimum when the heels are in contact with the gel sacs, offering significant pressure reduction and comfort to clients.

The Softform Heelpad offers enhanced performance, when used in conjunction with the Softform Odstock Wedge, by providing improved support for the lower limbs, and pressure reduction for the heels.

Odstock Wedge – OSW100

Pressure reducing wedge.  The Invacare Softform Odstock Wedge was developed in partnership with clinicians to assist in the reduction of interface pressures on the sacrum and heels without significantly increasing pressure on the thighs or calves. It is designed to improve and maintain patient posture in the recumbent position, and to reduce the tendency for the user to slip down the bed, thereby reducing shearing forces on the sacrum. The Odstock Wedge is ideal for improving posture in those with back discomfort.  Can be used in conjunction with the Softform Heelpad.

Shaped Leg Support – MCT

Shaped leg support to facilitate comfort and recovery The Invacare Propad Leg Trough has been designed in consultation with clinicians to provide maximum support for the whole leg.  Relieves pressure on vulnerable heels Elevates the heels and allows them to be suspended over the edge of the trough, providing pressure relief for the vulnerable heel area.  A lightweight foam wedge that is placed under the knees to provide support when lying in bed and reduce pressure on thighs, lower legs and heels. Available in one size only.



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