Mysignals eHealth & Biometric Platform Medical Equipment

R7000 - R30000
Sep 25, 2019

MySignals is a development platform for medical devices and eHealth applications. You can use MySignals to develop your eHealth web, Android or iOS applications or even to add your own sensors to build new medical devices.

The MySignals SW BLE Complete Kit includes more than 15 sensors which can be used to monitor biometric signals. All the data gathered by MySignals is encrypted and sent to the user’s private account at Libelium Cloud through WiFi or Bluetooth. The data can be visualized in a tablet or smart phone with Android or iPhone Apps.

Libelium offers two different API’s for developers to access the information. The Android / iOS API allows to get information directly from MySignals using Bluetooth. The API Cloud allows to access to the user’s private account and get the information previously stored to be visualized in a third party platform. The units are also equipped with fall detection and panic button functions that sends an alert out to responsible parties. This product is also highly customizable with sensor configurations to fit budgetary restrictions.

Available sensor options:

  • Blood Pressure Sensor
  • GSR Sensor
  • Airflow Sensor
  • ECG Sensor
  • EMG Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Body Position Sensor
  • Sound Generator
  • Snore Sensor
  • Patient Alert Button
  • Spirometer
  • Glucometer Sensor
  • Pulsioximeter
  • Airflow Meter
  • Body Weight Scale

MySignals, the revolutionary eHealth platform released on October 2016, has received several worlwide prestigious awards from healthcare, technological, innovative or social organizations.

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