Mobile massage service to retirement villages in Port Elizabeth Nursing Services & Home Based Care

R100 - R250
Nov 4, 2017

Mobile massage service to retirement villages in Port Elizabeth. I`m a skilled & caring massage therapist qualified in  various massage modalities such Deep tissue, Sports massage, Acupressure, Clinical, Shiatsu, Swedish & Hawaiian massage. I offer a mobile onsite massage service to senior citizens, at retirement villages, at a discounted rate.  The massages I do for older folk range from seated Foot massages to seated Chair Back, Neck & Shoulders massages to longer massages working on specific areas of discomfort & pain.

In my Foot massage I combine relaxing Swedish massage, followed by stimulating specific Acupressure points linked to main organs such as Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Colon as well as points for Back & Hip pain. Added to that a dash of Lymph drainage and topped off with gentle foot stretches for flexibility. This Foot massage is aimed to address areas of congestion, improve circulation, aid relaxation & better sleep. Therapeutic, relaxing & rejuvenating. Best foot massage ever!

The Seated Chair Back, Neck & Shoulders massage is a combination of Shiatsu, Acupressure & Swedish movements aimed at loosening up tight neck, shoulder & back muscles by using Shiatsu (palm pressures) to relax the muscles & Acupressure on specific points on the back to release pain. For this massage the client is fully clothed (a loose T-shirt or vest would work best).

For people suffering from back & hip pain a Deep tissue & Acupressure massage lying down on a massage plinth would be appropriate, as this will allow me to work deeply into the muscles to release long held muscle knots. I work with my client, tuning in to adjust the pressure to a level that is comfortable for my clients. Deep tissue does not mean more pain, just what the term says…working deeply into the muscles.

Mobile massage to retirement villages available Mondays & Thursdays. I offer discounted rates to senior citizens. Contact Maristha for enquiries & bookings 082 607 3904


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