Hygiene and Showering Chair Shower Seats

Feb 21, 2019


Arjo hygiene products help to reduce workload, increase safety, efficiency and improve quality of life for residents/patients

The range of shower and toileting products enables safe, efficient daily hygiene routines for the full spectrum of resident/patient mobility. Easy-to-use equipment provides the optimum level of support and activation for each mobility level and ensures ergonomic conditions for caregivers.
Hygiene routines are some of the most intimate tasks carried out by caregivers, and Arjo shower equiment is designed to provide a comfortable and dignified experience for residents and patients.
Improving care and efficiency

The Carendo also improves efficiency of the care, as it enables a single caregiver to perform the entire showering procedure, as well as a wide range of other everyday hygiene tasks. The high level of support provided by the Carendo results in streamlined routines that offer considerable time savings compared to traditional methods.


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