Good Grips® Knives Kitchen

R186 - R332
Sep 6, 2018

Good Grips® Knives

These Good Grips® Knives and Utensils have the unique Good Grips® handle for comfortable and safe cutting.

  • Good Grips® Knives have a built-up, pressure-absorbing handle that is ideal for people with arthritis or limited ability to grasp.
  • Great for people with the use of only one hand.
  • The Good Grips® Roller Knife works with a rolling action that is easy on the hands. It is the perfect choice for cutting pizza, as well as meat and vegetables.
  • The Good Grips® Utility Knife has a 13cm long stainless steel blade.
  • The Good Grips® Bread Knife has a 20cm long stainless steel blade great for crusty bread and melon.
  • Spreader Knife has a wide, curved stainless steel blade that provides a large spreading surface.
  • Just pull the handy Cheese Plane across the cheese to cut even slices.
  • Dishwasher safe.


Product Codes:

NC65603   Utility Knife

NC65612   Bread Knife

NC65601   Roller Knife

NC65613   Spreader Knife

NC65611   Cheese Plane


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