Good Grips® Coated Spoons Kitchen

R200 - R300
Sep 6, 2018

Good Grips® Coated Spoons

Ideal for persons with biting reflexes and limited coordination.

  • All the features of Good Grips® cutlery with a Plastisol™ coating that protects teeth and lips from injury.
  • These Good Grips® Coated Spoons have special built-up, non-slip, bendable handles.
  • Ideal for clients with spasticity, limited hand-to-mouth reach or impaired hand control.
  • Can be used with the Goodie-Strap™.
  • Hand washing in cold water will prolong product life.
  • The Sample Kit includes one each of the three coated spoons (Small Spoon, Teaspoon and Tablespoon.)


Not recommended for those with heavy biting reflexes.


Product Codes:

NC65596 Small Spoon

NC65597 Teaspoon

NC65598 Tablespoon

Manufactured by North Coast Medical, Inc. Licensed from Helen of Troy Limited, U.S. Patent Number RE37,190.


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