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We provide an extensive range of linen savers and catheters. List of a few products are as follows: Linen Savers starting from R38.88 incl. VAT Linen Savers 20’s 510x650 4 Ply Linen Savers 200’s 510x650 4 Ply Linen Savers 200’s 510x650 6 Ply Catheters starting from R12.90 incl VAT 3-Way All-Silicone Foley Catheter 2-Way All-Silicone Foley Catheter 2-Way Silicone Covered Catheter 3-Way Silicone Covered Catheter Self Catheters Umbilical Catheters And many more, any shape and size. We are also suppliers of any palliative medical supplies, please enquire. Contact us for a quote. ProMedicalKit Team

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