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Mar 12, 2019

African Alzheimer Fidget Products makes activity, sensory, stimulatory fidget products, such as:

Aprons, blankets, cushions, quilts, twiddle muffs, activity boxes – various and hardware boards.

NB: I design also for the visually impaired with dementia.

Products price depends on size and fidget blankets (S/M/L/XL/XL) and quilts (L/XL) are padded.

I export worldwide thanks to PAYPAL and custom orders welcome at no extra charge.

PS: All items ordered come with a small soft toy, with the exception of twiddle muffs, activity boxes and hardware boards.

NB: I hope to be offering weighted items soon, depending on demand.

I can be found on Facebook, or on 0848727233/0445327908. I am based in the Garden Route and am a full time carer to my own mom with M.C.I. I also study, research and blog when I have time. Recently I joined the board of a non-profit retirement home in Knysna, so I keep busy. I make fidget items in an attempt to increase our income.

PPS: The largest order I have ever had came from the OFS Alzheimer Association, who order 10 XXL fidget blankets.


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