After-Hospital Care Nursing Services & Home Based Care

Dec 18, 2019

What Is After Hospital Care?

Multidisciplinary homecare for patients requiring after-hospital step-down care in conjunction with other medical professionals i.e. physiotherapists. A wide variety of patients will benefit from the professional medical, nursing and therapeutic care provided at the sub-acute and rehabilitation facilities which are owned and managed by SA Homecare.

After Hospital Care Services

We provide home care services that will give you a comfortably and setting at home with nurses and qualified professionals.

  • 3 Steps to make home care quick and simple

Step 1:

  • Prolonged hospital stay more than 5-7 days
  • Excessive re-admissions
  • Any patient who needs:
    1. IV only
    2. Wound care only
    3. Palliative care
    4. Step down authorization
    5. Rehab authorization request

Step 2:

  • SA Home Care Patient Assessment Process
  • SA Home Care Coordinator to sit with scheme case managers on a weekly basis to assist and identify suitable patients
  • SA Home Care Coordinator assesses patient in hospital, discusses home care with patient and family
  • SA Home Care Advisor discusses case with doctors
  • SA Home Care Coordinator send asssessment to Scheme Case Manager
  • Active treatments such as chemotherapy discontinued.

Step 3:

  • SA Home Care Coordinator Send updates from Multidisciplinary Team to Scheme Case Manager alternative weeks
  • Joint discussions regarding to extend authorisation or terminate homecare, dependent on patient progress and rehibilitation potential.
  • SA Home Care Medical Advisor provides updates to the hospital doctor

Admission Criteria For Service

  • To be supplied by Client


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