ADL Universal Cuffs Kitchen

R174 - R195
Sep 6, 2018

ADL Universal Cuffs

Soft elastic band fits perfectly everytime.

  • Eating utensils fit easily into the ADL Universal Cuff.
  • Includes a utensil pocket to hold the item of choice, and a comfortable elastic strap to keep the unit secured on the hand.
  • The ADL Universal Cuffs are designed to give persons with limited grip or dexterity controlled use of items such as eating utensils and writing tools.
  • This durable, high quality utensil cuff will provide years of reliable use.
  • Made of elastic with a 4″ (10cm) long leather pocket.
  • Available in three sizes.

Product Codes

NC35337 ADL Universal Cuff, Small, 7.6 to 8.9cm

NC35338 ADL Universal Cuff, Medium, 8.9 to 10cm

NC35339 ADL Universal Cuff, Large, 10 to 11cm


To size, measure width of MP joints.


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