Invacare Flo-Tech Image Mobility

Oct 12, 2017
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The Invacare Flo-Tech Image pressure cushion uses a combination of a slim, shaped foam cushion base and a large gel sac covering the sacral area, increasing even weight distribution and immersion of the ischial tuberosities. This design delivers a high degree of protection to users who are at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Silicon fluid moves with the person, reducing damaging shear forces to the skin/tissue at the ischials and coccyx.

Lighter to lift than full fluid cushions whilst still offering good protection to vulnerable bony prominences.

Three dimensional anatomically shaped polyurethane/silicon fluid combination for good pressure redistribution, ride comfort and thigh alignment.


 This slim cushion format is ideal for both chair and wheelchair use. The cover is two-way stretch, water resistant and vapour permeable which allows user movement, reduces the potential for shear and friction, ensures good circulation and reduces the potential for skin maceration. The cover also has an anti-slip base and carry handle.
Offers improved stability and postural support.  The moulded foam castellations and gel combine effectively to reduce shear and friction forces on tissue, and help to prevent the client sliding forward in the seat.  This cushion is suitable for use by those with a high or elevated risk of pressure ulcers.  The cushion can be used in both chairs and wheelchairs and comes with a two-way stretch, polyurethane, water resistant wipe down cover.

Ultra-Fresh™  antimicrobial and odour protection treatment that has been added to all Flo-tech foam to help make it resistant to the growth of odour causing bacteria. Helps provide longer lasting freshness.

Ingress Resistant Cover Cover is two-way stretch, water resistant and vapour-permeable. Cover features an anti-slip base with carry handle.

  • Height: 80mm (3″)
  • Risk:  High Risk
  • Max User Weight: 140kg (22st)
  • Sizes – 16″, 18″, 20″


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