Electric Adjustable Bed – SmartFlex 3 – LAUNCH SPECIAL! *with massage function* Medical Beds

May 16, 2017
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Primacare: Electric Adjustable Bed – SmartFlex V3

*The exciting new SmartFlex 3 adjustable bed is expertly engineered and offers modern innovation with a touch of class.
* The Smart Flex 3 bed is designed to fit into your existing bedroom environment. Perfect for reading, positioning yourself to watch TV, working on your laptop or creating a sleeping position that promoted a perfect rest and healthy living.

LAUNCH SPECIAL: R15500 ! *While stock last*
(excludes mattress – please contact a Primacare professional for mattress options)

The SmartFlex technology allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of independent head, foot and vertical lift movement which means that you can control the head of the bed seperately from the foot of the bed.
Extra rechnology includes the ‘wall align technology feature and the important zero gravity feature which replicates the astronauts use during launches. This position distributes pressure evenly across the body and provides a feeling of weightlessness and calming throughout the body.

Avante SmartFlex 3 – Electric Adjustable Bed – Features:

– Dual zone massage
– Adjustable; Back, legs and height.
– Stylish modern lving design
– Zero gravity
– Wireless remote control with LED screen
– Lockable castors
– Smooth and efficient operation; whisper quiet, low voltage, dc lift system
– Wall align technology
– Hi Low 39 to 67cm
– Lifts up to 180kg
– Suits any adjustable mattress

Avante SmartFlex 3 – Electric Adjustable Bed – Benefits:

– Stylish modern design
– Zero gravity (reduced pressure on the body)
– Helps reinvigorate muscles and joints
– Wall align technology (space saving design)
– Relief from back pain
– Adjustment improve breathing
– Helps blood circulation (3 speed massage unit)
– Designer base
– Hi Low function
– Improved mobility


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